Every now and then we discover something new in the history of St Jude’s Church. (You can download a history of the Church, written in 1976, at the bottom of this page) We still have some historical puzzles, one to do with a strange choice of a WWII aircraft (see here), but in 2019 we finally found out what was in the main East Window prior to WWII. Further down this page you can see the existing window, with, from left to right – St George (Patron Saint of Soldiers), St Jude (Patron Saint of the Church), Jesus Christ, St Nicholas (Patron Saint of Sailors) and St Christopher (Patron Saint of Travelers but with the image below him of a WWII fighter bomber – undoubtedly intended as a Patron Saint of Airmen). The window accompanies our WWII War Memorial and is a memorial in its own right. (Immediately below is the video we created for the 75th Anniversary of VE Day that illustrates well the connection of the WWII Memorial to the Window)

However, alongside the image of the existing window below is the newly found photo from 1930 – of a clear East Window! It was undoubtedly similar to our existing West Window in the final of the three image below.

We presume this means St Jude’s was originally a fairly low evangelical church in its origins in the 1870’s. As the 1930 image shows a canopy over the Table, it may have gone a little more catholic, including the war years as it chose the saints for the window, but maybe now, St Jude’s is back in line with its origins, a straightforward, simple, evangelical church- though now with a ‘charismatic’ twist 🙂

A full history of St Jude’s Church, “The Master Builders”, can be downloaded from the link below.