Banns of Marriage

Since the 2nd March 2015 the Faculty Office of the Church of England now requires both parties, bride and groom, to provide evidence of their nationality for Banns in addition to showing them to the minister who will preside at their wedding. Usually this will be a passport or for some European citizens a national identity card and something else proving your place of residence – a current utility bill or bank statement etc. If the bride and groom cannot both produce evidence that they are both British/European nationals, the couple will need to apply for Superintendent Registrar’s Certificates to be married instead of being married under Banns.

Most marriages in Church of England Churches require “Banns” to be called. That process entails, over three consecutive Sunday services, a leader of a church standing in front of a congregation and saying something like:

“I publish the banns of marriage between John Smith of St Ethelburts Parish and Mary Jones of St Simon’s Parish, both with a qualifying connection to St Jude’s Parish. If anyone knows any reason in law why they may not marry, you are required to declare it now.”

Banns need to be called in the church where you will marry AND in any parish you may each live in. Therefore it is quite important to discover which parish you do live in. We would recommend following this link to a Church of England Parish finder web site.

If you both live in the parish where you are marrying, then your marriage application form given to you by that church will give them all they need and you do not need banns calling anywhere else. But, if one or both of you live elsewhere and just have another qualifying connection to the church in which you will marry, you will need Banns calling in your home parish.

The national fee for 2020 fees to call Banns is £31. For a certificate to prove they have been called the additional fee is £14. Therefore, if you marry in one church and both live in two other parishes you will need to pay £31 for the banns of the church where you marry and £45 to each parish you live in for the calling of the banns and for a certificate from each. You must give this certificate to the minister who will be marrying you that certificate to legally enable him to hold your wedding.

Banns are only valid for 3 months. This means they cannot be read in a Church more than 3 months prior to your wedding.

If you have checked via the link above that you do live within St Jude’s Parish Boundary and require your banns to be read in this church, then please download a form here.Banns Application Form from April 2015

Once completed and signed, please contact the Vicar to arrange to meet him with your completed form and ID as above together with your cheque for the fee, made out to T Smith.

His contact details are Plymouth (07152) 224178 – St Jude’s Vicarage, Knighton Road PLYMOUTH PL4 9BU

Please do not leave it too close to your wedding date to ensure we have your application form as there must be a minimum of three Sundays available BEFORE your wedding day for banns to be valid.