Sermons (Morning)

Each Sunday morning we record our sermons and retain the last month or two here. (If you want to hear one of our evening sermons click here.

To listen, just click on the play button for the correct date below – that should automatically open up your MP3 player. If there is a handout available, there will also be a link alongside the speakers name to allow you to download it. Finally, where the bible verses are mentioned, we have also given a link in the reading to a Bible webpage – we hope its helpful.

During lockdown the church service were moved to online. To watch them, you can choose from Facebook or Youtube.

Sunday 6th September – Kim Lovell

The first in person service after the lockdown restrictions where Kim starts a new series on ‘Be Still & Know’.

Psalm 46

Sunday Morning 15th March 2020 – Tim Smith

Revelation Chapter 22

Sunday Morning 8th March 2020 – Peter Hadden

Acts 2: 42 – 47

Sunday Morning 1st March 2020 – Kim Lovell

Mark 1: 9 -28

Sunday Morning 16th February 2020 – Ann Hosking

1 Samuel 8

Sunday Morning 9th February 2020 – Kim Lovell

Exodus 2: 11 – 25

Sunday Morning 2nd February 2020 – Tim Smith  Made_for_Relationship_Gen1_Handout

Genesis 1:26-31

Sunday Morning  26th January 2020 – Jacki Yates

2 Peter 1, v16-21

Sunday Morning 19th January 2020 – Kim Lovell

Hebrews 10:19-25

Sunday Morning 12th January 2020 – Tim Smith  Year_Verse_2020_Talk_Notes

Hebrews 1

Sunday Morning 5th January 2020 – Kim Lovell

Matthew 2:13-23

The video above of Bernard Pras’ artwork was used during today’s talk (in the silent 40 sec section)

Sunday Morning 29th December 2019  – Tim Smith

Matthew 2:1-12

A paid-for non-watermarked version of the video above was used to introduce today’s talk

Christmas Day Morning 25th December 2019  – Tim Smith Christmas_Day_Talk_2019

Matthew 1:18-25

Midnight 24th December 2019  – Kim Lovell

Luke 2:1-7

Sunday Morning 22nd December 2019  – Kim Lovell

Isaiah 61:1-3

The video below was used to introduce today’s talk

Sunday Morning 15th December 2019  – Peter Hadden

Isaiah 52:13-53:12

Sunday Morning 8th December 2019  – Jackie Yates

Isaiah 44:1-8

Sunday Morning 1st December 2019  – Kim Lovell

Isaiah 35

Sunday Morning 24th November 2019  – David Short

Isaiah 18:11-17

Sunday Morning 17th November 2019  – Kim Lovell

Isaiah 1

Remembrance Sunday Morning 10th November 2019 Talk Part 1

Remembrance Sunday Morning 10th November 2019 Talk Part 2

Remembrance Sunday Morning 10th November 2019  – Tim Smith  Remembrance Talk Pt 1 2019      Remembrance Talk Pt 2 2019

The talks at today’s Service of Remembrance were in two parts. The first looking at our neighbours who died as civilians on our local streets during the Plymouth Blitz, all of whom are named on our WWII War Memorial. (It will definitely help if you can open the Handout at the same time as listening to the talk) The second part talk used both of the very short passages below (and in the image above) to reflect on civilian casualties in war and the increasing loss of innocent lives as our conflicts have changed over the last few decades. The short pause in the middle of the second talk is when the middle slide was showing multiple areas of the world where conflict has happened. If you also open the talk notes from that part while listening, it will probably also help a little.

Micah 6:8 and Proverbs 31:8-9

Sunday Morning 3rd November 2019  – Tim Smith   Advent Through Isaiah Why Series Talk 031119 Handout

Mark 7:1-15

Sunday Morning 27th October 2019  – Tim Smith  Exodus Pt 2 Handout

Exodus 40:33-38

Sunday Morning 20th October 2019  – Tim Smith Exodus_Pt_1

Exodus 35:1 to 36:7

We’re really sorry there is a gap in our recordings as we had technical issues. But as you can see above, all is hopefully now resolved!

Sunday Morning 29th September 2019  – David Short

John 1:35-51

Sunday Morning 22nd September 2019  – Peter Hadden – “The Word: Obeying”

Luke 11:14-28

Sunday Morning 15th September 2019  – Kim Lovell – “The Word: Equipping”

2 Timothy 3:16-17

Sunday Morning 8th September 2019  – Tim Smith – “The Word: Discovering”  Talk Notes 8 Sept 2019  Part way through the recording you will hear a short video. It is from the same series we used over our Summer Brunch services. If you wanted to watch it, it is below here…

2 Kings 22




Sunday Morning 21st July 2019 - Talk 1 by Ian Turner

Sunday Morning 21st July 2019 - Talk 2 by Chris Jackson

Sunday Morning 21st July 2019 - Talk 3 by Brian Couch

Sunday Morning 21st July 2019 - Talk 4 by Gloria Prout

Sunday Morning 21st July 2019 - Talk 5 by Liz Couch

Sunday Morning 21st July 2019 - Summary by Tim Smith

Every now and then, St Jude’s likes to encourage folk to share what God may have placed on their hearts. Most often it is at the end of a service and we regularly give space to one or two folk to share something from that service or week. But we also like to create our ‘Church Choices’ Sundays when up to six folk can share something they have prepared beforehand. It might be a reflection on life and its difficulties alongside their faith, it may be a particular part of scripture that has engaged them – or maybe just where God seems to have intervened in life and inspired them. The five short talks above are just that – with a short summary at the end from Tim, the Vicar.

Sunday Morning 14th July 2019  – Kim Lovell – Reflecting on Scripture Part 5 of 5 – Personalise It

Psalm 128

Sunday Morning 7th July 2019  – David Short – Reflecting on Scripture Part 4 of 5 – Paraphrase It

Romans 3;19-26

Sunday Morning 30th June 2019  – Tim Smith – Reflecting on Scripture Part 3 of 5 – Pray_It

Colossians 3:12-15

Sunday Morning 23rd June 2019  – Kim Lovell – Ephesians 2:1-11

Ephesians 2:1-11 (The Message Version)

Sunday Morning 16th June 2019  – Stephen Dinsmore – The Work of SOMA – (Sharing of Ministries Abroad)

Stephen is the Director of SOMA and a previous Vicar of St Jude’s. A member of the church had just returned with Stephen from a two week mission to Kenya to assist in some leadership training for local ministers. His talk is different to our normal Sunday mornings, sharing the work that SOMA do.

SOMA is also a Mission Agency supported by St Jude’s. If you wanted to see more of SOMA, their web page is here

Sunday Morning 9th June 2019  – Kim Lovell – The Parable of the Progigal Son

Luke 15:11-32

Sunday Morning 2nd June 2019  – David Short – Bible Reflection Part 2 of 5 – “Picture”

Acts 1:1-11

Sunday Morning 26th May 2019  – Tim Smith – Bible Reflection Part 1 of 5 – “Pronounce” using The Lord’s Prayer

Matthew 6:9-13

Sunday Morning 19th May 2019  – Tim Smith “Revisiting Old Ditches” 3 of 3 – “Making Disciples” Revisiting_Ditches_Pt3_Making_Disciples

Luke 24:36-53

Sunday Morning 12th May 2019  – Tim Smith “Revisiting Old Ditches” 2 of 3 – Loving Neighbours Revisiting_Ditches_Pt2_Loving_Neighbours

One of our congregation, Chris Jackson, was prompted to write a poem after being inspired by Week 1 of this series, that she read out this week. The full transcript is available here: As_the_water_fills_the_empty_spaces We also heard a reading of a paraphrased extract from Tertullian’s ‘Apology’ explaining the origin of the phrase “See how they love one another”. You can read that paraphrase here: A_paraphase_of_Tertullians_See_How_They_Love_One_Another_passage

Romans 12:9-16

Sunday Morning 5th May 2019  – Tim Smith “Revisiting Old Ditches” 1 of 3 – Loving God Revisiting_Ditches_1

Matthew 22:34-40

Sunday Morning 28th April 2019  – Tim Smith Proverbs27_23-27

Proverbs 27:23-27

Sunday Morning 21st April 2019 - Easter Sunday

Sunday Morning 21st April 2019 (Easter Sunday) – Tim Smith Easter_Sunday_Talk

The above video was used as the primary starting point for the recorded talk, within which are clips from the video

Matthew 28:1-12

Sunday Morning 14th April 2019 - Palm Sunday

Sunday Morning 14th April 2019 (Palm Sunday) – Tim Smith Palm_Sunday_Talk_140419

John 12:12-19

Sunday Morning 7th April 2019 – Peter Hadden

John 12:1-11

Sunday Morning 31st March 2019 - Part 1 - Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday?

Sunday Morning 31st March 2019 - Part 2 - The Trees? of Life

Sunday Morning 31st March 2019 – Tim Smith Mothering_Sunday_Talk_31_March_2019

Psalm 1:1-3

Sunday Morning 24th March 2019 – Kim Lovell

Acts 2:42-47

Sunday Morning 17th March 2019 – David Short

John 10:1-10

Sunday Morning 10th March 2019 – Tim Smith – Talk Slides:  Church_for_the_Lost

Luke 19:1-10

This morning was a special service that included information on how to join the Church’s Membership and on giving for the work of the Church – but the sermon after the Bible reading does extend into why the Church exists. It ends with a call for re-affirmation of our belief with thanks – and for any who have not yet taken the step of following Jesus – an opportunity to do so.

Therefore please do feel free to hear the first part of the talk that is about membership, in the middle is the reading and the second part is the sermon proper, that starts at  the 9 mins 45 secs point into the recording on “What Is Church For?” We hope, like all our other talks on line, that you find it helpful. The form being referred to can be seen here: Membership_Form_2019

Sunday Morning 3rd March 2019 – Jared Lovell

Philippians 4:9

Sunday Morning 24th February 2019 – Jackie Yates

Matthew 5:13-16

Our apologies, but for varied reasons we weren’t able to record our sermons from the 3rd and 17th February.

Sunday Morning 10th February 2019 – Peter Hadden

Acts 1:1-11

Sunday Morning 27th January 2019 – Tim Smith – Why_did_Jesus_fast_notes

Matthew 4:1-11

The video below is the YouTube version of the video we watched immediately prior to the talk above having chatted about how hard it is to just spend time with God to build our relationship, to know him and ourselves more – we always seem to lack time, have agendas and lists…

Sunday Morning 20th January 2019 – Peter Hadden

Matthew 3

Sunday Morning 13th January 2019 – Tim Smith – The Flight to Egypt

Matthew 2:13-23

Sunday Morning 6th January 2019 – Tim Smith – Epiphany King Jesus

Matthew 2:1-12

Sunday Morning 23rd December 2018 – Tim Smith – Talk_slides_Marys_Doubt

Luke 1:26-56

Sunday Morning 16th December 2018 – David Short

Genesis 22:1-18

Sunday Morning 9th December 2018 – Tim Smith Genesis_3_Talk_Handout

Genesis 3

Sunday Morning 2nd December 2018 – Jackie Yates

John 1:1-14

Sunday Morning 25th November 2018 – Peter Hadden (The video below was shown at the end of Peter’s talk)

Sunday Morning 18th November 2018 – Kim Lovell

Mark 13