St Jude’s is what is often called, an Open Evangelical Church. We take all of scripture seriously and as our source of truth, but we also believe it needs to be read reflectively, intelligently and within its contexts as a whole collection of books across the millennia of its composition. Within that we encourage and support the ministry and leadership of all in every aspects of church life, lay and ordained, by males or females.

Our Sunday morning services have worship suitable for all and we also mark the major festivals like Harvest (11 Oct 2020), Remembrance (8 November 2020), Christmas etc with All Age gatherings, while at other times on Sunday mornings our younger people have their own gathering… up to 11yrs they have the option of joining our Sunday morning club – Jude’s Club.  We also have a creche area in the church for the youngest members of the community.

On Sunday evenings folk can gather from 6pm for some fresh coffee and tea, maybe a biscuit or a muffin too – as we form community in a cafe setting in our Upper Hall (behind the Church) before we gather. From about 6.30 we will sing, have a Bible centered talk and each week will have slightly different focus’ from prayer to contemplation, maybe something more social or sung worship.

AND… we really care about our community. Our really popular Community Hub runs EVERY Tuesday between 10 and 12 with free tea and coffee – a biscuit and more – and lots of company. More here.

Each year at St Jude’s we give ourselves a small verse for the year to help us focus into an aspect for a longer period of reflection. This is the verse for 2020 and we give out postcards and fridge magnets to help as our regular reminders.

And more…

We’re also going through lots of changes – buildings and services, small groups and kids. It isn’t just blind busyness, but we are following a firm strategy based on the links between outreach and discipleship.

We have great childrens’ times across the week – not just Sundays – see what’s on offer here. Families can find space, Youth can gather in different ways, folk who want to grow more in their relationship with Jesus often meet up Sunday evenings and our older community are encouraged, especially at our Midweeker (Weds at 10.30am in our Upper Hall).

Parking is easy in our own car park and nearby streets. (Try to avoid Mon to Fri 10 – 11am when there are parking restrictions) We hope to keep up lots of social activities. All folk of any age or background can find friendship here. Together we try to follow Jesus, welcome the Holy Spirit and bring glory to the Father.

We encourage members of the community to support ministries in the city, not just in the church. And it isn’t uncommon for individuals and families to feel a call further afield and we have several of our church family in overseas ministries and missions.To find out more about the ministries we support, visit our Linked Ministries pages.

We maintain close links with Alpha UK, Willow Creek, New Wine and the Purpose Driven Church. We are members of Churches Together In Plymouth and we’re a parish church in Exeter Diocese, a region within the Church of England.

At our heart we’re driven by a love of Jesus and how he hoped all would discover the love and grace of his Father through the Holy Spirit from all he left us. Primarily his reminder that it is all about love – of God and our neighbour (The Great Commandments). It is in love that we also try and share that same knowledge with others in our community and help them to grow into the people they have been created to be (The Great Commission). That’s why St Jude’s has an overarching phrase to help us remember why we are are – that we want to be a church with a heart for “Christ and a Commitment to grow in him and his Commandments and Commission” – something for short we call “C4 Church”.