Church Online

With the current global situation regarding Covid-19 and lockdown, the church has had to adjust.

The building may be closed but the family, the people, the community are still here. To ensure that we can still grow as disciples, we have a number of different formats to bring the church online. 

The Sunday service is streamed on both Youtube and Facebook at 10:30am. See below for the latest sermon

If you have any ideas or would like further information on what we’re doing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.

Bible Study

Wednesday 1st April – Anna

Practice: What does prayer mean to you? What else could be a practice of prayer?

Expectation: What are you aiming to get? How else could God be answering?

Waiting: What would you like to gain in this time? What would you like to let go of?

Telling: How can you tell of what you find? Who is waiting to hear?

Wednesday 25th March – Josiah

In our Bible verse and reflection a lot has been talked about leadership. 

What are essential qualities in a leader to you?

Have you seen anyone exhibit either exceptional or abysmal styles of leadership?

You may want to think and pray for governments and those leaders who are making important decisions on behalf of our nation and our world. 

Evan Josiah one of the greatest kings made mistakes. Are there areas in your life which you are hanging onto resentment? Are you being too hard on yourself or on others? Perhaps ask God for his help in relinquishing those feelings today. 

Josiah brought back the Passover meal to Judah. Sometimes partaking in a physical action can be a meaningful way to connect with God. Whether that be through spiritual communion, dance or singing. How do you most naturally connect with God? Can you schedule time to do something similar today.