Tots Time

Currently Tots Time is not running. As soon as we return we will update this page. In the meantime, see our Bags of Fun project below

This project was launched at St. Jude’s church Upper Hall on Sept 28th to replace Tots Time which normally meets on a Monday morning.
Each bag contains 2 puzzles, 4 books,(all to be returned) and homemade playdough in a hummus pot, 3 cutters, wax crayons, colouring sheets, stickers, glue and seasonal craft items suitable for 1-3 yr olds.
The bag is collected and returned on any Monday between 9am -10am to collect another bag.
Families will not enter the building.
Each bag is numbered.
The family leave contact phone no. and email if desired
A new sign up sheet is used each week.
Returned bags are not touched for one week, then refilled.
Church members are encouraged to donate a large, weatherproof, strong shopping bag.
Each bag contains a contents sheet, parental guidance and church contact details.
Contacts are made through texting existing Tots Time families once, Facebook, Pre-school, Girls Brigade etc.
If your church starts a Bags of Fun project please contact CTiP.

Tots Time is a drop in for Parents and Carers with their 0-3 yr old children. It is open every Monday morning in term times from 9.30am. There is a small charge of £1.50 per child to cover the costs of the morning for the children (& the Carers!). Its open every Monday morning except during School holidays. If you want to double check, do feel free to contact us.

The morning has varied activities coordinated by the Church volunteers from play, refreshments, simple craft or an activity song etc – but of course, the parents or carers are always responsible for their own child.

Tots Time meets in St Jude’s Upper Hall which is behind the church on Beaumont Road – the entrance is up the ramp from Beaumont Road by the Bus Stop.

St Jude’s also has a full school day Pre-School for 2 year old children upwards – more details here.