You are very welcome at either our 10.30am or 6pm gatherings, though the evenings are less formal. We have some great series sorted for the Autumn this year – why not have a look here at our 6pm teaching programme until Christmas here.


…we’re ready from 6pm with free food and drinks every week (i.e. not just Fresher’s Week!) – lots of muffins and coffee – making community before worshiping together. Lots of music and helpful Bible insights. Our coffee is fresh and fair trade  at all our services – or you can have a fair trade hot chocolate or tea – or a fruit tea if you prefer. We’re not so big that you can’t join in or take part in things if you want to.

You will find St Jude’s at the crossroads by walking for just 5 minutes up Ebrington Street from the bombed out Charles Church in the town centre. We’re on the opposite corner of the crossroads to
Beaumont Park – a great open space in the summer to relax in or meet up with folk. Just half a mile to the east of the City Centre we’re only 10 minutes walk from most of the Uni buildings and surrounded by lots of second/third year student housing. (Click here for a map) Its got a big pointy spire – you can’t miss it! Also, our Vicar, Tim Smith, was the Anglican on the Uni Chaplaincy Team for the last couple of years and maintains his contacts there if you ever need help in that direction. (He’s regularly on Twitter too – @TimJudes)

As a church we’re flavoured first by the Bible and by the Holy Spirit – we take Jesus seriously. If you wanted a label you would probably find folk agree we’re open evangelical with a charismatic twist. We also have connections with New Wine and HTB in the UK and Willow Creek and Saddleback Churches in Chicago and California. While we’re a C of E church, you won’t recognise that of our evenings. No liturgy, just community, worship and teaching

Taking part

If you want to be involved in church life that’s great too – maybe you play an a instrument? Our worship bands will always welcome in folk who want to join – drummers, guitarists, flute players and singers – you name it, we can make a space for you. While we wouldn’t ever ask a new person to lead worship, we love bringing anyone into the team to play. Some churches may need you to attend for a while or may have so many musicians or too high a standard that you won’t ever get to play – we try hard not to be that ‘special’. Anyone with an ability can join in and then we all improve together. Playing is about the heart and helping congregations in their worship, not about perfect or spectacular performance. Just mention you play if you come along and ask how to get involved.

There will always be other ways we can help you develop your giftings if you want to – we even run a course to help you identify what God might be shaping you for in the future. Of course, if you just want to chill with us to get away from the course pressures – that’s OK, we know what its like to be a student.

If you want an introduction to one of the city Christian ministries we can undoubtedly help you out as someone from here is probably already in it – from Street Pastors to Boys and Girls Brigades, from youth focused ministries like our after school  ROC Cafe for kids to the city’s homeless charity, Shekinah, or maybe with GOD TV who are now based in Plymouth – or any of the other Christian ministries connected through the Churches Together in Plymouth fellowship we support.

And if full time Christian ministry is maybe on your horizons, God seems to move in that way here. We constantly seem to have a small but regular number of folk over the years go into the C of E selection programme (4 accepted for ordination training in the last 10 years – St Jude’s encourages ordained women’s ministry too) or connect with some overseas mission ministries – so we have some experience here that can help you discern if you’re feeling some sort of calling.

You will be made very welcome in a church whose building is radically changing soon too – have a look at our building plans! When completed you’ll be able to stop by in the coffee shop on the way to or from lectures and with our video plans there will even be space for those interested from recording through editing to streaming. St Jude’s is changing – watch our website for news of progress on the buildings. Its an exciting time to join us to help shape us for the next era of life here.

We hope you love Plymouth – and if we can help, just ask