During a fascinating summer, as we experimented with Sunday morning Brunch Services and had a great time, we’ve also been planning Autumn and Winter. What is great when you get to see a whole chunk of a diary in one go, it can give you a sense of what Church life will be like for the next season.  Autumn and Winter are looking good…

And so, after the relaxed Brunches of the Summer with their cereals and croissants, we’re going to try and get some meat into our diet by beginning our Autumn 10.30am services with a three part mini-series, “The Word”…

Sunday Evenings restart on the 22 September when we will be looking at Parables – Stories that connect faith & life.

Our main Sunday morning Church Services, of course, have both Harvest (13 Oct) and Remembrance (10 Nov) Sundays – this year at Remembrance we’ll be focusing on the local neighbours who died, predominantly during the Plymouth Blitz, and are on our WWII War Memorial.

On Saturday the 2 November the Church will get together for another ‘Focus Day’ to look at everything we do as a Church into 2020. (You can see what we try to do here – our blog on our Church Mission and Discipleship framework – that includes results from our Children & Young People Focus Day as below)

As we move into Advent, we’ll be beginning building a theme of trying to help us see the larger picture of the Bible… and so on the 17 November in the mornings we start in Advent a bit early by looking through the lens of Isaiah – seeing the links from Isaiah to Jesus. Over the evenings from 27 October we look over the Letters to the Churches from Revelation.

Our Christmas services will be kicked off on Sunday 15 December at 6pm by our Carols by Candlelight service that will also help connect our life in the MESS to the wider MESSage of scripture, with the help of the MESSiah. (See the Bible Society video that we’ll be using on the linked webpage)

Why is all this connected?

Because at the end of January we’ll be trying a whole Church small group opportunity with a Bible Society eight week course, “The Bible Course” Finding our way around the Bible can be really difficult. This course uses a unique story line to explain how it all connects together to recount God’s relationship with humanity from the beginning to the end, from Genesis to Revelation. (Check out the Course’s webpage here for more information)

As we move through the Autumn, we’re also hoping our revised plans for refurbishing the Church will begin to fall into a place for a building that will work well for the Church and the Community seven days a week, not just on Sundays. Its been a long journey for the Church with some recent challenges, but we’re still moving forward with some renewed simpler plans. (You can see more about our Next Era project here)

I hope, as we come towards the Autumn, we can see opportunities to join in and connect with friends in the Church family and in our community – and if you’re not yet connected in with us and would like to, do just come along on a Sunday or maybe, our Community Hub every Tuesday morning for a free coffee and friendly chat.