World War Silhouettes Installation


St Jude’s Church is privileged to be the home of two specific Memorials: one for World War I and a second for World War II. Each lists the names of those from our small local area who passed away because of those two great conflicts. St Jude’s is a Church of England parish just to the East of Plymouth City Centre and is only about 1 mile wide by 1/2 a mile deep – though heavily populated with Victorian and Edwardian terraced housing. But despite its small area, our WWI Memorial has 81 men named, 17 of whom are specifically listed, as they had been members of our Boys’ Brigade – the 4th Plymouth, which is still meeting today. The WW2 Memorial has a further 104 Servicemen listed and an additional 23 local civilians, most of whom died in the Plymouth Blitz,

Therefore, we want to mark the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War 1 (The signing of the Arnistice at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918). We’ve created an installation of silhouettes of the 81 Servicemen like the ones in the image above. These are the men who did not return to their families in 1918. You might notice those who were Boys from our Brigade are picked out with the cap they would have worn in the Boys Brigade instead of the steel helmets they came to wear as soldiers.

There are other items and information around the Church for the duration of the installation which is between Harvest and Remembrance Day 2018. The days and times it will be open will be displayed here as dates are added, although it will include all our Sunday services from the 21st October to the 11th November and also each Tuesday morning, 10am to 12noon from the 16th October to 6th November inclusive, to coincide with our Community Hub Cafe which runs every week. (If you specifically want to come and see it, please do just contact us if a date isn’t offered here)

So far we have three other special gatherings: the first two are services at 10.30am on Wednesday the 7th November and then at 10.30am on Remembrance Sunday, Arnistice Day, the 11th November. All are welcome at either or both of these services. The third is the new film ” Journey’s End”, detailed below

(There is no charge for entrance to any of our events, though all profits from any donations received will be passed onto a Forces Charity)

The third event, having arranged for a special licence, is a showing of the film “Journey’s End” based on RC Sheriff’s play of World War 1. It was only given general release in 2018 and we will show it for one night only, on Tuesday the 6th November at 7pm in the Church. (Please note a few things, it is a 12 Certificate, you may want to bring a cushion and… toilets are next door in our Hall, not in our Church and if you could arrive in time for a 7pm start it would be great – thanks!)

Below is the trailer for the film

Above are our two memorials, the first in brass for World War 1 and the second in wood for World War 2. Below are the names as recorded on them. We have been very fortunate to have a relative of one of the WW2 Servicemen do some research for us on our Memorials and so we now know a little more about each of them. If you have anything you would like to share with us or if we can help with a visit or anything else, please feel free to contact us.

The WW1 Memorial names are listed here: St_Judes_Plymouth_WW1_Memorial_A_Z

The WW2 Memorial names are listed here: St_Judes_Plymouth_WW2_Memorial_A_Z

Below is a negative version of the memorial (easier to read) set to music you may want to watch.

(We have been asked where we got the silhouettes from. We created the original images ourselves, scaled them up and transferred them onto 3mm thick A1 sheets of white foamboard – extended in length so they can just sit on a pew. If you want to download our artwork, please do feel free. We will be taking donations during the installation that will go to a Forces Charity, if you download and use these, perhaps you would consider doing something similar?)