If you are looking at this page – Congratulations! (We guess you’re reading it because you’re thinking about getting married. If you are just looking for information on Banns of Marriage click here . Also, if either of you have been married before and are divorced, please follow this link).

Since the 2nd March 2015 the Church of England’s Faculty Office now requires both parties to provide photographic identity with evidence of their nationality to the minister who will preside at their wedding or who will be issuing Banns. Usually this will be a passport or for some European citizens a national identity card and something else proving your place of residence – a current utility bill or bank statement etc. If the bride and groom cannot both produce evidence that they are both British/European nationals, the couple will need to apply for Superintendent Registrar’s Certificates to be married instead of by Banns. Please speak with the Vicar if you are unsure where you stand.

And so weddings in churches of the Church of England are covered by the law of the land and the local clergy operate as ‘Clerks in Holy Orders’ which gives them authority to marry folk under certain controlled circumstances. (note above regarding UK and European nationals, if either the bride or groom are neither of these, then please ask for guidance).

An early step you’ll need to take if you want to get married at St. Jude’s is to contact the vicar, Tim Smith, to arrange to meet him for an intitial discussion. (use the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website) Before you do that, please take the time to read the information below to see if you are eligible to be married at the Church. The vicar will need to see certain formal documents, details of which can be found on the application form you can download here: St_Judes_Wedding_Application_Form_2018

You have a right to marry under Banns (Churches involved read out your names in Church over three Sundays to make sure you meet the criteria below, in the hope that someone who may know you would confirm any irregularities – such as you’re married already etc!) in your local parish church if:

• You are both over 18 (or over 16 with parental permission)

• One of you has a qualifying connection (see below for what they are) with the Church and the Church’s geographic parish boundary. (If you want to check which Church of England Church parish you live in now, or have lived in, and know the postcode, follow this link to check.)

• Neither of you has been married before. If one of you has and is now divorced, there is no right to re-marriage, it is at the sole discretion of the minister. If this applies to you then we need to have a conversation about the circumstances of the divorce to see if re-marriage is possible at St Jude’s Church. Follow this link for more information that you will need to consider before you proceed any further.

After the 1st October 2008 you can marry in a Church of England church of your choice, subject to the conditions above, if you can prove one or more of the following connections:

1. You were baptised in the church.

2. You were confirmed in or from the church.

3. A Parent or Grandparent of yours was married in the church.

4. You have had your usual place of residence in the parish of the church for at least 6 months.

5. Your Parent has had their usual place of residence within the parish of the church for at least 6 months during your lifetime.

6. You have habitually attended public worship at the church for at least 6 months.

8. Your Parent has habitually attended public worship at the church for at least 6 months during your lifetime.


If you are thinking about getting married in Church, but you don’t go to one – why not come along and spend some time with us to find out why St Jude’s a great place to be part of?  We have discovered a very real relationship that’s available with God through Jesus, with lives filled with hope and purpose that we believe can help you in your new relationship too. You will find St Jude’s is a very welcoming community of people and our services may be far more helpful and engaging than you might imagine. We’re not at all stuffy or ‘churchy’, and very keen on encouraging family.

Fees for weddings are set by the Church of England nationally. if you are marrying at the Church in whose parish you both live and only one set of banns need to be called, then the cost for a basic wedding would be in the region of £615 (A total from £474 as the standard CofE fee for the building, service and copy of the Wedding Licence (in 2020), then St Jude’s also asks for £20 for a member of staff to open and close the church and run the sound desk etc plus a further £40 for heating if it a cold season wedding (its a very large space t heat from cold! There would also be a charge of £31 for the Banns to be read here and maybe things such as a keyboard player if available/needed – typically £50). If one or both of you live outside the parish boundaries the cost may rise a little as banns will also need to be called in those parishes too and you can find information on banns here. This is only a guide and we can give you further details when we meet and the actual fees will always be those in force the year you marry, not when a wedding is booked.

If you want to know more about this or any of the things mentioned here, please initially contact the Vicar before you book anything to make sure a marriage is possible on the dates you prefer in St Jude’s Church (there is a ‘contacts’ link at the top of the page). Even if you qualify to get married in St Jude’s Church, it may not be possible to hold a wedding on a particular date or time – therefore it is crucial you do not book any other venues until you check with us that the date you require is available in the Church.

If you wanted to look at some general ideas about a service, hymn selections etc, why not try the Church of England’s ceremony planning web site. (The site is really helpful and gives some ideas on planning your service, but the actual service at St Jude’s might be in a different order to the way the site shows its results – so please don’t get anything printed until you speak with the Vicar!)


St Jude’s have been working on redeveloping OUR main Church building since 2006. You can see the plans and where we have got to on our Next Era Building Project webpage here.

At this stage, timing of the start and end of the work is very difficult to predict as there are still permissions to finalise as it is a Listed Building along with some detailed plans to resolve, but there is a possibility the work my begin as early as mid 2020 or may be later in the year or early 2021. Whenever the works begin, the church will be closed for possibly 4 to 6 months.

This would not stop St Jude’s holding weddings as, if required, we would gain special permissions to hold our weddings in an adjacent parish church. If our building is a particular reason you would want to marry here, you may need to take this into account before finally deciding. Please do contact us if you want to find out the most up to date information. If you decide to proceed with booking a wedding, we can confirm we will always be able to give several months notice of any changes in the circumstances so that should it need to be held in a different church building you would be able to inform all your guests.