Our Sunday evening congregation’s gathering at St Jude’s begins by forming community before we worship or listen to the Bible and any thoughts on it.

We open each Sunday evening at 6pm, with refreshments each week, (we have muffins, good fair trade fresh coffees, hot chocolate and fruit teas to choose from) prior to an informal start at 6.30pm. Then – plenty of band led sung worship into teaching with prayer or ministry – or both. We’ll normally be coming to an end between 7.30 and 8.00pm.

ts our most informal gathering of the week but we try to make sure its one where we can re-charge to face a new week again with some life applicable Bible teaching.

Do feel free to join us any week.

We have a morning congregation meeting at 10.30am too.

This Autumn has two fantastic evening series coming – the first from the 30th September is “The Four Evangelists”. We want to look at the unique perspectives of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John so we can all better understand their viewpoints and therefore the meaning of what they wrote and why they wrote it.

The second from the 28th October will be “Judges”. Its a fascinating era in the history of Israel with great lessons for us today. We might of heard of Samson or Gideon – but what about Ehud or Deborah, Jephthah or Othniel?

And we’ll end our Autumn and Winter season of evenings with our Carols By Candlelight evening on the 16th December. Its a very special evening of readings and carols around a theme – this year its “A light shines in the darkness” Hope you can join us.