St Jude’s has two congregations on a Sunday, at 10.30am and 6.00pm.

The mornings combine some singing, teaching, prayer and a communion every other week. For the evenings we have some extended worship and our talks – sometimes with ministry opportunities. And we begin differently, with muffins, fresh fair trade coffee, hot chocolate and different teas (They are there in the morning after the service too!) with an informal very reflective communion every six weeks or so

We also offer an opportunity to gather at 10.30am on a Wednesday morning that we call the Midweeker that goes from communion from the Book of Common Prayer to Thoughts for the Day – always with lots of fellowship opportunities and regular days out! Each has its own character – do have a look at each by clicking on the links!

(When we get to our summers both the Midweeker and Evening Gathering can take a break, so do check for details in those times of the year. In 2018 for our evening gatherings begin again on the 30th September, our Midweeker on the 12th September. The Sunday morning Services also take on a slightly different feel for the summer.)

If you are coming by car, we have a small car park on site and the local roads can be parked on easily on Sundays. The weekday parking restrictions are applied between 10 and 11am except at our end of Knighton Road where a 1 hour limit applies.