Each Sunday morning we record our sermons and retain the last month or two here. (If you want to hear one of our evening sermons click here.

To listen, just click on the play button for the correct date below – that should automatically open up your MP3 player. If there is a handout available, there will also be a link alongside the speakers name to allow you to download it. Finally, where the bible verses are mentioned, we have also given a link in the reading to a Bible webpage – we hope its helpful.

Sunday Morning 10th February 2019 – Peter Hadden

Acts 1:1-11

Sunday Morning 27th January 2019 – Tim Smith – Why_did_Jesus_fast_notes

Matthew 4:1-11

The video below is the YouTube version of the video we watched immediately prior to the talk above having chatted about how hard it is to just spend time with God to build our relationship, to know him and ourselves more – we always seem to lack time, have agendas and lists…

Sunday Morning 20th January 2019 – Peter Hadden

Matthew 3

Sunday Morning 13th January 2019 – Tim Smith – The Flight to Egypt

Matthew 2:13-23

Sunday Morning 6th January 2019 – Tim Smith – Epiphany King Jesus

Matthew 2:1-12

Sunday Morning 23rd December 2018 – Tim Smith – Talk_slides_Marys_Doubt

Luke 1:26-56

Sunday Morning 16th December 2018 – David Short

Genesis 22:1-18

Sunday Morning 9th December 2018 – Tim Smith Genesis_3_Talk_Handout

Genesis 3

Sunday Morning 2nd December 2018 – Jackie Yates

John 1:1-14

Sunday Morning 25th November 2018 – Peter Hadden (The video below was shown at the end of Peter’s talk)

Sunday Morning 18th November 2018 – Kim Lovell

Mark 13